Testimonial to Stockist – Earthspirit Moringa MN Australia – from Deborah Lording, Cairns November 17, 2015

I have a 10year old Rotti X Ridgeback Dog (GUS) In August 2015 he was diagnosed with Terminal Bone Cancer and had a Tumour the size of a golf ball on his hind leg. He was in extreme pain, he was limping and his back legs were shaking continually. It was hard for him to walk and he became aggressive with our other dog Bell. I was given the option to put him down or to keep him comfortable with pain medication, I was distraught. I called Jenna from Earthspirit Moringa MN Australia, right away and she suggested that I start Gus on the Moringa Dog and Animal food immediately and to also use the Moringa Oil on the tumour.

I began to give Gus the Raw Moringa in his food and rubbed Moringa Oil on the tumour 2 times a day, I started to see a difference in my dogs behaviour within the first week and by the Second week, I noticed the tumour was shrinking in size. I continued his pain meds but noticed that over the coming weeks, I was able to reduce them. It has now been 10 weeks and the tumour is now the size of a marble and continuing to shrink, Gus is able to walk and go to the beach and enjoy an ice-cream and for the first time in a year, he was able to jump into the car on his own without any help from me. Everyday seeing him improve just shows that Moringa is from the Miracle Tree, they say it is from. Thank you Jenna and Thank you to Moringa Farm Australia for growing such and amazing Micro Nutrient, but most of all you saved my dog life and words could not express how thankful I am. (my story is now continued as I decided to start using the Moringa on myself) see below

I was diagnosed with Lymes Disease. I have been on over 30 antibiotics at one time, unable to stand for long or short periods of time and the pain has been unbearable at times. After seeing how effective the Moringa has been for Gus, I decided to start using the Moringa Capsules and I rub the Moringa Oil into my feet. I have been on the Moringa now for 9 Weeks, and I am so happy to say that I have now stopped all the antibiotics (30+ a day) and only use 3 Caps in am and 3 Caps at night. I have advised my doctor, so he can follow my progress. I now have energy, my bloating has decreased, I can stand on my feet for up to 1/2 hour and I have never felt better. Thank you Jenna & Moringa Farm Australia, I am so glad that I took that leap of faith to start using the Moringa. To all people out there don’t hesitate this really works and you and your pet deserve to have a healthy life. (D. Lording)


Testimonial to Stockist – Earthspirit Moringa MN Australia – from RSPCA Foster Carer, Cairns November 17, 2015

I rescued a small 6 year old Chihuahua, 8 weeks ago October 2015, the dog was emaciated, infested with fleas, loss of hair on hind legs and butt, had an infection in the mouth and eye, and was unable to walk or hold up head. I put the dog on Moringa Oil mixed with honey and gave 0.5ml via syringe daily, after 1 week her eye and mouth infection were healed. On the second week her hair began to grow back with new baby soft fur, but most of all she is now running all over the place. she has had to undergo 2 surgeries on her mouth and abdomen, I gave her pain meds but no antibiotics due to how well she was doing on the Moringa Oil. I insisted to the vet that I only wanted the dog to have Moringa not antibiotics, the vet was accommodating and stated he was excited about seeing what Moringa was doing

She will be going to her new home soon, and the new owners have decided to keep her on the Moringa Oil, due to her improved status. Thank you so much Moringa Oil for saving this little dog’s life.