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Testimonials – From circa 2014 to 2024

AUSTRALIAN FARM MORINGA -TESTIMONIAL   Karen Lindley   circa September 2014

I first heard about Moringa only 3 months ago from a friend who was visiting Lagos. He was recommended to try the powder and after 3 days felt so great he suggested he send me some. He told me to make sure I found a source that was fresh and guaranteed to be 100% not a cellular / other filler blend.

I located a source of true farm fresh  Moringa right here in Australia that was making it in capsule form………After some research I was totally satisfied the Moringa farm fresh was actually grown and distributed in Queensland but that their product was 100% pure…The product arrived within days, the Company were fantastic to deal with.. I followed the instructions by taking bigger doses to begin and have now settled to 3  night and morning and I have not felt this good in years. I had breast cancer some years ago and never ever really regained my energy levels until now……………….I have no aches and pains, I am sleeping like a baby, I have lost weight, my skin is clear and I think I am now addicted to Moringa.

Thank you for giving me my life back.

Karen Lindley, aged 63, Sydney.


MORINGA FARM AUSTRALIA TESTIMONIAL        Karyn Willis     circa August 2014

I first heard about the Moringa Plant approx three months ago.  I looked it up & found Australian Moringa.

I bought 100gm of the Powder. Both my husband & I were taking it every day & have certainly noticed a difference in many of our ailments. We now have purchased the capsules. It has every essential vitamin,mineral & amino acid in this. We most certainly will be staying on this powder always.

This company is a pleasure to deal with, would not buy from anyone else.

Thanks so much for your help & wonderful website. Very thrilled with this product for health & wellbeing.

Karyn, 56 years old. Victoria.



Here’s our testimonial based on what I’ve observed in last few months.

I originally heard about Moringa from my parents.

When I found the Moringa Farm website, I decided that it would be good to buy from an Australian based grower rather then an overseas one.

Both my parents started on the powder form and now use the capsules. Within a month or so, my dad commented that his energy levels increased dramatically. He was able to do a lot of work around the house without feeling drained & weak towards the end of the day.  My mother noticed that her bowel movements became more regular without her usual constipation. Both also noticed that their sleep have improved. Normally, they would often wake up during the night & could not go back to sleep easily. While on Moringa, they slept like babies.

As for myself, I’ve noticed a bit of weight loss & also increased energy.

We’re very happy with the quality of the Moringa Farm products. Thank- You!

Jena, 40 yrs, Vic

February 2015

Hi Charles. Previously, you asked that I let you know how I am going after being on Moringa for a month. Great. In a nut shell, I started to feel different on day 5. Day 10 I noticed I was not feeling so tired. Day 15 I noticed more movement in my hands, fingers, ankles, feet and toes. Each day I was feeling I had a little more energy. To date, my blood pressure has come down, Arthritis pain and Fybromyalgia pain has decreased a lot, (some days the pain is very light) movement in my joints and legs improved a lot , I no longer have 3 Nana Naps to get through the day – some days I don’t have a nap at all.
I am very happy with the results I have had after 4 weeks. Originally I made up my mind I would try Moringa for 3 months. I am hoping that at the end of three months my new blood tests will show decrease in Cholesterol, fatty liver, Insulin, and my B.P. will be normal. I am also hoping I will start to loose weight.

I have told my Dr and 2 Specialists about Moringa and thankfully they have supported my decision to try this for 3 months (I refuse to take any drugs other than B.P. tablets) Now, I have really decided to keep on taking Moringa for a year and then when all of my health problems are good I will than take it daily as a maintenance.

I am spreading the word about Moringa far and wide and so far I know of five who have ordered your product. One of my Specialists said “if your miracle tree shows good results after 3 months I am happy for you to keep on treating yourself. If you get amazing results maybe I will try it myself” (now that’s a open minded Dr)

Have a nice day. Ann Lowe (Griffith)


April 2015 UPDATE from Ann Lowe

Dear Charles

I rang and placed my new order yesterday with Dave (think that was his name). As usual I received excellent customer service.

I have now just completed my second month of taking Moringa capsules.  I am pleased to report that my body is now pain free after many years of Arthritis and Fibromyalgia pain.  I am walking much better (no longer need a walking stick) my back is straightening up and my posture is getting better.  Movement in my feet, ankles and toes have improved dramatically . I no longer have spasm attacks in my legs from nerve ending damage. (previously before taking Moringa I would have up to 12 attacks a day)

My blood pressure is still coming down and now 149/75  (at Christmas it was 208/108 – mid January 180/105 – end Feb 160/85)

My energy level is much better, I no longer need to have my daily Nana naps. At long last I am starting to do house work that I was unable to do previously.  Still working on other health issues but to-date Moringa has been a miracle for me.

I have not lost any weight. How long before this should happen?  How many capsules a day should I be taking to activate weight loss? Last week I dropped my daily dose of 5 capsules morning and afternoon (10 a day) to 4 capsules morning and afternoon (8 a day).  Should I be taking a higher dose?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thankyou for your past help and excellent service

Ann Lowe


On 13 Apr 2015, at 8:47 pm, Rachelle Fridolf <> wrote:

Hi, I just wanted to pass on some feedback for this product it is absolutely unbelievable!
I’ve only been using this oil day and night the past few days and i cannot believe how amazing my skin looks.
It’s gotten rid of my dark under eye circles, pimples and evened out my skin tone.
Thanks so much looking forward to trying more of your amazing products 🙂



Hello again Charles,

I have been taking Moringa for approximately 6 weeks now.

I started taking it after a friend told me she took Moringa for her joints. I am on the waiting list for a total hip replacement. As my hip deteriorated, I found myself in increasing pain and the distance I could walk was severely limited. I dreaded the onset of winter with sub-zero overnight temperatures. That’s the time when the arthritis flares up and the pain is so severe it wakes me up during the night.

I started by taking one capsule every morning and evening. After a week, the pain in my hip had reduced to the point where I was able to walk without a limp. Considering that I have been limping (more or less) for around 4 years, that was impressive.

After 2 weeks I increased to 4 capsules per day. The pain in my hip was so much improved, I began to wonder if I really needed a hip replacement after all. If I walked too far, the pain and inflammation would return and I would have to stop walking for a couple of days to settle things down again. Even that is an improvement: before taking Moringa, the pain would start when I had walked about 100 metres and it would take up to 4 days of complete rest plus painkillers before I could stand up without pain.

A week after increasing the dosage, the stiffness in my neck started to ease. I have congenital deformities of my shoulder, spine, ribs and other bones. As I age, I am developing osteoarthritis and finding that my mobility is limited. To find that my neck wasn’t so stiff or sore was a welcome relief.

Winter has arrived early. I increased my dosage of Moringa to 6 capsules per day a month ago. That is the recommended dose. It has, so far, been enough to prevent the arthritis pain from waking me up during the night. In the cold weather I am more careful about keeping warm and protecting my joints. I still find it amazing: being on the total hip replacement list and having experienced so much limitation, I can walk without a limp most of the time. The pain and stiffness still flare up from time to time, reminding me why I need a new hip, but I am pleased that I am not struggling with increasing pain and disability during the lengthy wait for surgery.

Obviously I am recommending Moringa to everyone who has any kind of arthritis or bone problem. I have mentioned it to my pharmacist and told her it is more effective than turmeric extract. I told my doctor and his wife, who is a nutritionist. One person who purchased Moringa on my recommendation found she couldn’t tolerate it very well (she has all sorts of intolerances). Some other people have bought Moringa in other countries and they haven’t had the results I have. This might be because the Moringa I bought from your farm is so much fresher than other brands.

I shall continue to recommend this plant to everyone who has arthritis.

Kind regards, Katy Kircher. ACT.  May 16 2015


Aug 28 2015 UPDATE from Katy above

I had a total hip replacement on August 3rd. The surgeon was surprised how bad my hip was (the X rays didn’t tell the whole story). Apparently there was virtually no cartilage left and the bones had been grinding against each other for a while.

This all sounds bizarre, because I walked into the admissions ward on the day of surgery. I can’t imagine what a nightmare it would have been if I had had to wait several months for surgery without Moringa. I would have been bed ridden, in unbelievable pain, for months without it.  I started taking it when my hip was at its worst and I could not walk. Thanks to the Moringa, I sometimes wondered whether I really needed a new hip at all (I did!). I was taking up to 8 capsules a day in the lead up to surgery and have kept taking that much during my recovery.

I am now 3 weeks post op. My recovery has been remarkably smooth. Getting used to the new hip will take time and effort, but at the moment it looks like I won’t have a limp when I am fully recovered. My hip doesn’t hurt. I am not taking painkillers for it (although I still take them for other sore bones).

I told everybody in hospital about it. I handed out your leaflets as well. A couple of my fellow patients were interested because they had arthritis. One staff member was interested because she knew someone who was still in a lot of pain after an accident. I encouraged everyone to research Moringa online and phone your farm if they had any questions.

I told the hospital pharmacist and my local pharmacist that Moringa was the best anti inflammatory ever. Even my friends are telling people about what Moringa did for me.

I’m still very impressed with Moringa. It’s the best supplement I have ever tried. None of the other things I tried for arthritis worked at all. I am still telling everyone about it. Hopefully some of them will contact you guys and order some.

Katy Kircher. ACT.  Aug 28 2015


Sent: Monday, 1 June 2015 3:19 PM
To: Australian Moringa

Hi,  I have used the product nightly on my face after cleansing my face…. Moringa is my night cream.
As soon as i start applying my skin instantly looks hydrated. I set and forget as they would say.
When I wake in the morning my skin looks nourished well rested and plump. Very happy using this and I have had my skin tested since using the Moringa and redness and uneven tones have nearly disappeared.
I also use Moringa in my curly hair, I was and condition as normal and then once most of the heavy water has lifted I put about 4 to 5 pumps in my hands and then work through my hair and let dry naturally. Moringa is not heavy in my hair when dry and the curl sits perfectly, also I have found that my hair grows a little faster, which is great between good and bad hair cuts. 🙂

So this is what I love about the product and when people comment or try to push product on me … I tell them I’m very happy with Moringa.

lisa, Brisbane.


From: Kate
Sent: Monday, 1 June 2015
To: Australian Moringa

“ Moringa for pets is a wonderful product. I give it to my dogs and cats daily. Mix it into their food, no problems. I have an old girl who suffers from ‘canine cognitive dysfunction’. Quite often she could be found just standing staring into space, or just standing looking confused. Occasionally, she was incontinent and often, would stand barking at nothing. Since being on the Moringa her symptoms have all but disappeared.

Recently, I was out of the Moringa for a few weeks, the symptoms reappeared. So it’s back on the Moringa.

I have found that I get better results with this product than I have with any other multivitamin or herb preparation for dogs and cats.” Kate, Adelaide, South Australia.


From: Nat Jeffery []
Sent: Tuesday, 25 August 2015 7:19 PM
To: ‘Admin Moringa Farm Australia’
Subject: Testimonial

I have been researching health and nutrition for over 25 years and thought that I had found all of the super foods. While watching a documentary series on alternative cancer cures last year, I was connected with Dr Darrell Wolfe, the Doc of Detox. Reading Dr Wolfe’s book, “Healthy to 100.”, I was introduced to Moringa Oliefera. I was stunned that I had not heard of this food before and started researching. Why was this food not more widely publicized? All of the research I did showed that Moringa is the most nutrient dense food that I have ever come across.

I had to try this food and started looking for a supplier. Imagine my surprise when I found that there was a plantation in Queensland and one that was dedicated to supplying unadulterated and fresh products.

I have been trying to lead a healthy lifestyle for many years and my aim is prevention. It’s far easier to maintain health than to reclaim it. Moringa was exactly what I was looking for. I started ordering Moringa at the beginning of 2015 and my wife and I take the capsule form each morning and I add powder to my smoothie at lunchtime. I’m pleased to say that I’m 65 and still exercise every day, surf, ride my motorbike and lead an active life with my family. People have been succumbing to illness all around me but we stay healthy. No colds, no flu.

I am stunned that our government allows fast food restaurants to proliferate in Australia and that companies are allowed to produce and market nutrient deficient foods.

Whole foods are the answer. Moringa is a whole food. It defies logic that an Australian regulatory authority would try and restrict access to a whole food. I believe that we should all be eating Moringa and I tell everyone I meet.

Regards, Nat Jeffery, NSW


From: Lea McLac []
Sent: Wednesday, 2 September 2015 12:05 PM

Hi Charlie, I will continue to take your product, it has changed my life by improving my health and my families health. Following is my testament for you to use as you wish. Thank you for your wonderful product and supplying it to all.

I have a severe degenerate back condition and have struggled with it for years. Last year I had a fall which caused more damage comprimising the nerve in my L4 S1 and I have had 2 cortisone injections into my nerve root, 4 months apart. At that time I was on Lyria nerve medication and Mobic antiflamorites every day.

I have been taking the capsules from Moringa Farm for 3 months, starting out with 6 per day. Over that time I have taken myself off the nerve meds and mobic as well as olive leaf / vit c powder and multi vitamins which i was taking.

I no longer ache every day nor do I need a heat pack every day. I am now able to walk 30 -40 mins every morning, do stretching excercises and hope to start swimming very soon. I have been off work all year due to my injury and hope to resume working within the next month. My energy levels have climbed enormously as well as my overall health. My husband is also taking the Moringa capsules – 4 per day and his sinuses have improved as well as general aches and pains form his arthitis.

A friend of mine gave the Moringa powder to her 17 year old dog who had trouble walking and within a week there was a enormous improvement in the dogs movements and general well being.

I have told many of my family and friends about your products and put them onto your website and passing on the phamplets I have and after them ordering and taking the moringa they too are amazed at their energy levels and the improvement with their aches and pains. I know that for me it is something I will take for the rest of my life to maintain my health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Moringa is amazing!!!!!

Lea McLac, Mareeba, North Queensland


From: gillian read []
Sent: Monday, 1 February 2016 11:08 AM
To: Admin Moringa Farm Australia
Subject: Gillian Read

Thank you Dave

 ..I’m having it delivered to work because I didn’t want it sitting in my hot metal mail box all day. Thank you and I will advise you of delivery.

PS…The best supplement has really made a tremendous impact on my health. 

I was suffering from stress and some menopause symptoms…all gone!

also a bonus is I haven’t had one single pimple in a month(a miracle in this hot steamy weather) and my skin is now lovely. I have energy to burn and I will be running a half marathon in July….

I will recommend you to my friends and customers…

Cheers and thank you

Gillian Read, Play House, Shop 11/53 Beach St, Woolgoolga NSW 2456. ph/fax 02 66547088



To all at Moringa Farm – I would like to send a very sincere THANK YOU!
The Moringa Farm  products that I have used so far is the tea and the soap and I’m happy to say that they won’t be the only ones I will be trying!

I have highly sensitive skin and after years of searching, Moringa soap is the first product I have found that hasnt made me itch from head to foot. Such a relief, I was beginning to believe that no such thing existed!

The other product I have tried is Moringa tea and it is helping my very painful knees, hips and back become less painful – there has been a noticeable improvement and in such a short time too! I’m quietly confident that the knee replacement operation that the specialist recommended last week can be postponed or even CANCELLED!

I am now a convert – keep up the good work. Thank you so much.

Jennie Batt,  Yorke Peninsula,  SA.


RE: Moringa caps for Pets

Hi Charles                     17th Feb 2016

I just wanted to share with you the results i have got with my little 11yr old schnauzer.

Cung has had arthritis in his front legs for past year or so and has had 2 courses of injections from the vets and also had him on a osteosupport supplement containing green lipped mussel and glucosamine.. He got some improvement after the injections but only for a short period. The limp returned and didn’t really improve with the supplement When i finished the green lipped mussel supplement i decided i would try the Moringa caps for dogs. I started him on 3 caps per day and within a week his limp was gone and he was running around like a young pup. I was amazed at how quick he improved and have now cut his dose down to one per day and he seems to be fine.

I am so happy i decided to try the Moringa and will now recommend them to all my other dog owner friends.

Warm regards,  Jenny White NSW


29 March 2016


Hello my name is Nadia Carstensen and this is my testimonial.

I was born in San Bernardo, Chile in 1965 and was diagnosed with ‘hip dysplasia’ (also known as dislocated hips) a genetic condition passed on by the paternal side of my family. The treatment offered at the time was operation on both hips and cast with the prognosis that I would develop early arthritis.
At the age of forty I remember visiting my GP and discussing my arthritis “Nadia, the reason you are feeling so much discomfort is due to the progression of the arthritic damage which is causing more swelling and stiffness which is the reason you are having trouble moving. Basically, you seem to have 70 year old hips.” He Said.

My reaction was this: “Ohhh Dear! That explains why I feel like a turtle that’s been flipped upside down in the morning when I try and get out of bed”. We both laughed at our conversation, but I assure you that this laugh was not one to be too happy about.

After this, I was left with the following question: How was I going to relieve the pain in my hips and keep the inflammation at bay?
The simple and easiest answer was this: medication. For a month I was taking prescribed medications which had unappreciated side-effects. I felt drowsy, dizzy; I had a dry mouth and suffered from weight gain, so I decided to try alternative treatment with fewer side effects.

At this time Vitamins were my only hope. I was taking Omega3 found in fish oil capsules, Green Lipped Mussel capsules good for cartilage and joint-care and a natural anti-inflammatory; women multi vitamins, celery capsules, vitamin D supplements and magnesium. I also took Osteo Panadols and Neurofen to relieve the pain however, when the pain was severe I would take “not” recommended doses of Osteo panadols with Neurofen.

I am 50 years of age and in November 2015 I was seriously considering hip replacement, when my mother said “why don’t you try taking ‘Moringa Oleifera’ like your uncle in Chile; he has been taking Moringa for 15 years and he swears by it, look it up”. So I did and came across an abundance of information online. I learned that Moringa Oleifera is also known as the Miracle Tree; it has high nutritional values and many medicinal benefits.

In fact, the site that truly captured my attention on You Tube was the Discovery Channel documentary on Moringa – – this documentary captures facts and information on Moringa so beautifully. I quickly decided to give Moringa a go! I went online to buy Moringa, found a few brands and felt a little apprehensive.

I then came across ‘Moringa Farm Australia’ I couldn’t believe my eyes, ‘Moringa Oleifera’, Australian grown, processed & certified – Wow! all my concerns quickly disappeared. I found my supplier and purchased Moringa capsules online and commenced taking 6 Moringa capsules a day. However, there are times I do modify my doze from 4 – 12 a day.

The benefits I have obtained from taking Moringa are truly remarkable:

Within – 3 days
– less fluid retention on my feet
– mild lower back pain and knee pain
– I stopped taking all the vitamins mentioned above and the Osteo Panadol and Neurofen

Within – 4 days
– I had more energy – commenced walking my dogs
– I began sleeping better at night – No broken sleep

Within – 1 week
– Pain reduced by 90%,
– My flexibility came back – I was able to put my own socks on, yippee!
– Definitely NO fluid retention on my feet
– A boosted digestive system

After 4 months
– I have the mobility to walk my dogs for an hour in the morning,
– ride my bike,
– at the beach I can walk on the sand,
– swim in the ocean,
– go pipping,
– I no longer trip when I walk
– Healthy hair growth, I have more hair
– No black circles under my eyes
– Normal menstruation
– Improved my memory – I feel my mind is sharp

I will always have arthritis on my hips but I no longer live with severe pain. Moringa has improved all areas of my life, I feel rejuvenated and happy with everything it has done for me.
As I say to my family and friends “Moringa is truly your wealth to health”

Thank you so much Charles and team for growing this amazing product here in Australia. Moringa really is a Miracle Tree!

Nadia Carstensen, ACT


From: Edwards-Young Margaret []
Sent: Friday, July 1, 2016 12:16 PM

Dear Admin at Moringa Farm Australia,

Been taking 12 capsules a day and using the ointment for a couple of weeks now and the shingles are almost non existent. I am very pleased with the outcome and am about to place another order for some more capsules and will start to reduce them down to 9 per day.  I am very pleased with your product and will be telling all of my friends and family about it.  If you want to put some more pamphlets in with my next order I will certainly pass them on to people who are interested.

Kind regards, Margaret


From: Kay Ritchie []
Sent: Wednesday, 31 August 2016 7:26 PM
Subject: Testimonial

Dear Charles,

I am writing to express my delight at your product.  We have a Maltese Terrier and for the last couple of years she has suffered skin problems and ear infections.  I have tried many different products.  Last year alone she had four courses of antibiotics and one course of cortisone.  As soon as these treatments stopped the problems came back.  The next course of action from our Vet was to be intensive urine and blood tests which I was advised could cost up to $500 and that was only for the tests….we hadn’t spoken about the cost of any treatment.  I happened to hear about Moringa and thought it was worth a try.  She is only a small dog so I started dosing her with the contents of 1 capsule per day (mixed in with her food). We also wash her with the Moringa soap.  Within a short period of time we saw an improvement so we continued.  It took months but eventually she cleared up completely.  I plan to give her the daily dose for the rest of her life.  To us it has been a miracle.  I would highly recommend Moringa to anyone.  I would not hesitate to take it myself if ever I feel I need it.  Charles,  I would  like to thank you for speaking to me when I have telephoned with questions, I found this very reassuring.  Feel free to put my comments on your website as I am more than happy to spread the word and hopefully help others.

Sincerely, Kay Ritchie


From: Shivany Gonell []
Sent: Saturday, 5 November 2016 6:31 AM
Subject: Testimonial

I feel extremely blessed that I have discovered the healing properties of Moringa AND that I have found a company that is devoted to not taking short cuts in growing and processing Moringa. Not all Moringa is created equal….here I know that the product is super potent and also “clean”.

I am addicted to Moringa. I start my day off with using the soap which leaves my skin smooth and full of moisture, without putting chemicals on my skin. I then use the Moringa oil on my face which is just the best serum ever. I love how my dark circles around my eyes disappear, and my wrinkles plump out.

Taking my daily capsules helps with stiffness and pain. I suffered from a frozen shoulder and arthritis, not only do I have most movement back, I am also pain free now. Taking Moringa capsules makes a big difference to my energy levels. I literally jump out of bed in the mornings, feeling energised. I used to wake up feeling like a truck had run over me.

And…when I put my 8 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback on Moringa, (he has a heart murmur and arthritis) he literally got a new lease of life. He is more energetic, can move more freely, I saw a HUGE difference. I tried other supplements but none compared with Moringa.

I can highly recommend Charles, who lives and breathes Moringa, the customer service is exemplary but most importantly: You are getting the real deal. Fresh, no fillers, no additives, no chemicals. What are you waiting for? Try it out yourself and turn your life around.

Shivany Gonell.


Dave N Kaye Asmussen

I can personally recommend ‘MORINGA’. I am 60 years young. I take the capsules every morning (after drinking 250 mls. warm water with 2 tsp. lemon juice added), My hubby uses the ‘Moringa’ liniment on his shoulders and other joints which are inflamed, I also use the ‘Moringa’ oil in a hair rinse after shampoo and conditioner (water, 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, a few drops of ‘Moringa’ oil and lavender oil), and we have ‘Moringa’ tea leaves in our fridge for those times when the ‘auto-immunes’ decide to unwelcomely ‘flare-up’. (I also take ‘curcumin’ daily). So far, the results have been remarkable and our health is currently comfortable. I, for one, am a follower of ‘natural’ alternatives (especially when they work). We purchase our ‘Moringa’ products from “Moringa Farm Australia” in Qld. (each order is processed as ordered, so products are fresh and pure, and if kept in the fridge, purity and lifespan are long lasting). Hope this helps you


From: Keith Walker []
Sent: Saturday, 7 October 2017 5:53 PM




Keith & Jenny Walker


From: Bryan Blake
Sent: Thursday, 19 October 2017 10:19 AM
Cc: Keith & Jenny
Subject: Testimonial for Moringa

Hi Charles.

Our son Keith Walker (who by the way was introduced to Moringa after our talk with you in April 2017) has asked if we would like to write a Testimonial on Moringa.

Well here goes:

My wife has been researching alternative treatments for cancer when she came across this Magic Plant called Moringa.

This plant was recommended from a Website called Chris Beat Cancer.

She delved into where it could be obtained in Australia and found that it could be purchased from Cairns. Well has it happened the next week we were traveling to Cairns to see our Family in Tolga.

Seeing your Farm Shop was near the airport we took the opportunity to call in.

We had a very informative discussion with you (thankyou) and decided to purchase the Capsules. My wife along with other supplements and Moringa has been able to avoided receiving Chemotherapy, and is doing extremely well.

I have had High Blood pressure for some time and was on Medications from my Doctor. These kept the BP under control. I have stopped taking the prescribed BP medication and I have found that the BP has decreased and is holding steady taking Moringa.

Thankyou. No more Pharmaceutical pills for me.

I also have an injured knee from a Parachuting incident whilst in the Australian Army.

The ongoing pain from that has decreased and I can only thank Moringa for it.

Thank you Charles for introducing us the Magic Plant.

Cheers, Doreen and Bryan.


From: Valerie James
Sent: Wednesday, 25 October 2017 11:58 AM
To: office1
Subject: Re: Moringa Farm Australia order

Hi again, I am normally a very healthy person and go to the gym up to three times each week but this year I developed a plantar Faciitis in my left heel and the treatment did not work (I am a natural therapist) even though I eventually had some stem cell therapy. Then I got arthritis in my left foot, great toe, and after I had sorted out the first problem myself satisfactorily I heard about Moringa and looked it up on line, and now I rave about it as I have no pain whatsoever in the great toe, or anywhere else and I have all the energy I had in my younger days.

Many thanks once again, Val James, Healesville

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Facebook Post
Dave N Kaye Asmussento Moringa Farm Australia

I can personally recommend ‘MORINGA’. I take the capsules every morning (after drinking 250 mls. warm water with 2 tsp. lemon juice added),

Dave uses the ‘Moringa’ liniment on his shoulders and other joints which are inflamed, I also use the ‘Moringa’ oil in a hair rinse after shampoo and conditioner (water, 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, a few drops of ‘Moringa’ oil and lavender oil), and we have ‘Moringa’ tea leaves in our fridge for those times when the ‘auto-immunes’ decide to unwelcomely ‘flare-up’. (I also take ‘curcumin’ daily).

So far, the results have been remarkable and our health is currently comfortable. I, for one, am a follower of ‘natural’ alternatives (especially when they work). We purchase our ‘Moringa’ products from “Moringa Farm Australia” in Qld. (each order is processed as ordered, so products are fresh and pure, and if kept in the fridge, purity and lifespan are long lasting). Hope this helps you


From: Jane Horton

Date: 12/02/2018 9:26 AM (GMT+10:00)


Subject: My Moringa

Hi Val,
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. My parcel of precious Moringa arrived last Thursday, as did my daughters parcel. Thank you so much.
I have had amazing relief from the symptoms of my Crohn’s disease with your Moringa capsules. So has my daughter, and one of my granddaughters. The anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa are just amazing.
I always recommend Moringa to my friends, and I know some of them are buying it from you. I also know that your cold processing of the plant gives us the best benefit, and we will always buy our Miringa from you.
Thanks again Val, and all the best.


Sent: Sunday, 25 March 2018 7:10 AM


Subject: Testimonial

I have been buying moringa from Moringa Farm Australia for many years now and continue to be impressed with the quality and freshness of the product. Among all of the ‘superfoods’ I have tried, my family and I have noticed the best overall results with moringa and specifically from here compared with other varieties. We have more energy, feel healthy, and can see the results of this nutritional powerhouse on our skin, hair and overall well being. Ordering from the on line shop is easy and the team at Moringa Farm are always helpful. It’s also wonderful to know we are supporting a great Australian business.

From: Ali S=


From: Cindy
Sent: On Tuesday, June 12, 2018,
Subject: Re: Moringa Farm Australia order delivery notification

Evening Charles,

I had issues of low milk supply with my first child and was having similar issues with my second.

I tried fenugreek with limited success and an upset belly and moringa was mentioned to me by my lactation consultant.

I shared your farm’s details with my lactation consultant.

She said that there have been issues with sourcing moringa in Australia so was very excited by your business and my results.

I noticed an immediate and sustained increase in supply of milk. I also felt improved energy, which didn’t hurt!

Thanks again!  Cindy

Ainslie, ACT



I have been using this product, capsules and oil, for over 4 years now and find it very beneficial.  I went through Breast Cancer in 2013 and found the side effects from the medication prescribed were horrendous so I turned to natural alternatives, namely Moringa, and in my mind this product is a life saver.  I live a very active healthy life, no agonising pain or depression and can attribute that to my daily dose of The Miracle Tree which I highly recommend.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Ingrid West <>


From: Sally Harrison, Lowood, Qld
Sent: Thursday, 13 September 2018 2:45 PM
To: c MFA Comau <>
Subject: Re: RE: Moringa Farm Australia order delivery notification.

Thank you Charles and Val

My order arrived at about 9 am this morning – super-fast delivery, which I’m very happy about.  By all means, use my comments as a testimonial.

I’ve already sampled the energy drops as I’ve had an incredible busy week, moving furniture around, stacking heavy boxes, etc. preparing for a house inspection, as well as a visit by a prospective buyer for the property I’m renting, as well as the arrival of some new furniture. On top of that, I had a long day on Tuesday, up at 4 am to drive my daughter to the airport (a 90 minute drive) for an early flight back to Sydney, then drove in again in the afternoon to farewell my son at the international terminal, who has been deployed to Afghanistan.  I spent the rest of the after moving furniture and lifting heavy boxes, then cleaning and went to bed at 1.30 am yesterday morning and finished off the cleaning for a house inspection at 9 am.  I will be 70 years old in January,.  Since buying Moringa from you you over 2 years ago, I’ve lost 18 kg and am back to my normal weight of 55 kg.  I’ve not had any colds, flu or pleurisy since then which I’ve suffered badly from since I was 7 years old. . My hair has been snow white since my mid-30’s but is now starting to darken.  I had persisting “biting” pains in my hip joints, which are now gone and I feel about 30 years old.  Not only that, I lost 2 fillings from behind my front teeth, which I couldn’t afford to get fixed because I’m on a pension and there was an 18 month waiting list for public health dental treatment. I planted 2 young moringa trees in my yard because I couldn’t afford to order from you, and used fresh and dried leaves in my daily diet. The high concentration of  Natural Calcium in my diet has actually “filled” the big hole behind my front teeth and now I can just feel a tiny gap behind my teeth with the tip of my tongue.  The other big benefit has been a vast improvement in mental clarity and cognitive functioning. – I’ve been on the disability support pension since 1998, as a result of childhood abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder.

I gave my sister the bottle of Moringa linament for sore joints as she had permanent knee damage from a work-related accident. She said it worked wonders for her and relieved the constant pain.

So, as you can appreciate, I’m so happy I found your product and will continue to order products from you in the future.

Kind regards, Sally Harrison



I have purchased Moringa powder for my daughter who is battling cancer. She adds it to her green smoothies. Her hair started growing up and shortly, the rest of chemo was canceled. I bought myself a face serum. Two weeks into it, ppl are noticing and asking questions? I will definitely try other products. It feels like a miracle product. It amazes me how much we don’t know about nature’s gifts.
Thanks again


Brighton, Victoria.


From: Suzie Pentseris <>
Sent: Monday, 20 April 2020 2:44 PM
To: c MFA Comau <>
Subject: Review of Ultra Premium honey

The Moringa honey was absolutely deliscious, so sweet & divine. Never tasted better honey than this. It also.gave me a lovely amount of sustained energy & increased my well being. I’m finding the Moringa is helping with my heart arrythmias.

Highly recommend you try & Il be placing another order soon


From: Gini G <>
Sent: Saturday, 16 May 2020 8:25 AM
To: c MFA Comau <>
Subject: Re: Good to hear our Moringa is making a positive difference to your husband.

Hi Charles & Val

Hubby was diagnosed with Ca Colon in Oct 2019 with liver lesions.  He had 1/3 colon removed Nov 2019 and still has an illeostomy.  First round of chemo in January 2020 literally nearly killed him but after over 3 weeks in hospital – with my TLC – he recovered – to the surprise of hospital staff.  He now takes Moringa capsules, Ormus Gold, and some Metagenics supplements daily – plus some fresh aloe vera.  Chemo regime was slowly built up to 3/4 of original dose and recent blood tests showed unexpectedly positive results in all areas tested.  Oncologist said, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”  Journey still continuing – there is lots more to come – BUT we will not stop taking our Moringa etc.  Will update you over time – BTW we’ve given the info and shared our capsules with several other people.  Many thanks for making this best quality Australian grown product

With much gratitude

Gini & Colin

Testimonial for Moringa

xx Gini


From: Janette O’Hare <>
Sent: Friday, 9 October 2020 4:49 PM
To: c MFA Comau <>
Subject: RE: Jannette, use this email for your testimonial.

Dear Charles and Val,

I have been taking Moringa Capsules for the past year. I recently had bone scans done as I have Ostioporosis. At age 77 my scan results show my bone density  is better than when I was 69.  I’ve researched taking calcium tablets and I really don’t think we absorb calcium very well from processed pills. Moringa being a food the calcium is readily available to be taken up by the body. Loving all my benefits from Maringa, better bones and more energy.

Regards Janette O’Hare

Central Queensland.



Moringa Farm Australia

I first started giving moringa to my older dog as she has arthritis. The results were more than I could ask for! Previously she would only be able to run for a short period of time before resulting in a pained walk. Now, she gives her younger companion a run for his money!

After seeing such amazing results with my fur baby, I added moringa to my morning routine. After only a few days my energy levels have increased and I feel clearer.

The Moringa Farm Australia team are super friendly and passionate in what they do. Incredibly happy with this local product and I will be referring my family and friends ?


From: Terri Le Cudennec <>

> Sent: Monday, July 31, 2023 6:46 PM

> Also your skin care oil has been amazing for my psoriasis even after a few days. Thankyou!!


From: David Matthews <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 9, 2024 8:16 AM
Subject: Testimonial

I’ve been using this product for a few months now. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I loaded my system with it first up then after a few weeks reverted to the normal dose. My immune system is amazing. Despite being around multiple viruses and illnesses I remained healthy and well. I feel great generally and a recent blood test proved that my body is running well…despite being 70. I’ve also noticed that any scratches, cuts etc I get working in the yard heal faster. My wife is going to start taking the capsules now as well. She was a skeptic at first but you can’t argue with results. I’m also recommending it to family and friends. Thank you Moringa Farm.


From: Suzanne Muir <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2024 5:13 PM
Subject: Great produce Moringa

Would just like to say what a great product this is. Was sick for a long time, started taking moringa and the difference in how l am now. Luv ?? this product and no chemicals. Thank you

Sue Muir, Cairns


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